Quigley Horseboxes - New Builds -

We are unique in the UK for building horse boxes using Aluminium planking.

The body built in Aluminium planking gives you a very strong horse box, lighter in weight, smooth finish, non rust and a great finish when painted.
We can build any type of horse box you need, meet all your requirements and offer great advice on all aspects of your new horse box.
We can build horse boxes within good time scales and we are always available for reviews throughout the build for any changes you need to make.
You can have horse boxes built to carry up to nine horses.

Quotes can be provided free of charge and new or used chassis can be sourced at great rates.



Quigley Horseboxes Ltd pride ourselves with quality service and builds, paying attention to every detail.  We build our horse boxes in our own work shop, based at our home in Shropshire.

Living areas are built to the highest quality and we specialise in doing small day livings, that can also sleep one or two people, yet everything you need is at hand.

We also build drag trailers to carry four or five horses, this can be pulled by your horse box if you need to carry more than the average number of horses.

Our exciting new Q2 Pro 2 horse 3.5Ton horsebox


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